Does your family celebrate half birthdays?

Our does.  Today is my oldest son’s half birthday.  He is 9.5 years old.  You might think...

How to get Tweens to do some housework
Communicating,Learning Responsibility

How to get Tweens to do some housework

Do you argue with your kids about doing chores?  Are you forever picking up after them? Do you...

7 steps to prepare for the teen years while dealing with your tween

7 steps to prepare for the teen years while dealing with your tween

1. Listening Do you really listen? What is listening? Are you more concerned about saying what you...


Parents of Tweens or Pre-Teens:
Do you want to enjoy your child’s pre-teen
years or endure them?

As your child moves into the tween years, in preparation for becoming a teenager, he/she has greater outside influences and starts to pull away from you.

This is the time when you need to let him/her go but yet stay connected. How do you do this? There are a lot of influences which were not there when you were a child. New skills need to be learnt because you child is meant to grow up and become independent. It’s difficult to know how to start to shape this new relationship to sustain the new person your child needs to become.

Children are growing up earlier and puberty is beginning at a younger age than ever before. Studies from the National Centre for Policy Research for Women and Families in Washington, Penn State University, University of North Carolina & Great Ormond St Hospital, London state that puberty may begin as young as eight years old for both girls and boys.

Imagine your child comes home from school and tells you about his/her day.

He/she tells you about his dreams, ideas and when his friends are up to! You trust him when he goes out, to do the right thing and when he comes up against something he’s not sure about, you know he’ll come home and ask you for your advice. He helps with jobs around the house and likes spending time with you.

What has happened to turn your happy, willing child into a argumentative one who doesn’t seem to want to spend time with you anymore?

Answer – it’s part of growing up and it’s not personal to you but there are days and it feels like it. You love your child and would do anything for her but there are days when she seems so ungrateful that you feel like screaming.

So what is going to change this?

The answer is nothing will change your child. The secret is to change yourself. If you change your attitude to your child, they will in turn change their attitude to you. It’s take to take stock of all the times you are criticizing her, blaming her, complaining about her, nagging her, threatening and punishing her. All of these habits are creating a barrier which stops her listening and talking to you. There are good habits such as supporting her, encouraging her, accepting, trusting, negotiating differences and respecting her which can be put in place instead.

I provide parent coaching to help you become the parent you want to be.

Our parenting skills are strongly influenced from our childhood, by both our childhood experiences and by our parents.  Often we don’t get the chance to reflect on our parenting style or  the impact that our parenting style is having on our children. I provide an opportunity for reflection  and to learn new tools for parenting as you move into the more challenging age of the tweens. This will provide you with a strong relationship with your teenager which will create a happy and peaceful home as your child grows up to be a adult and beyond.

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